Nirgun Paduka - Ganagapur

Datta is the One who has been endowed with the anubhuti (spir­itual experience) of the unmanifest (nirgun). The anubhuti of nirgun essentially means realization that He is the soul (atma) or He has attained God-Realization.

Lord Dattatreya had this anubhuti since He was born on Earth, whereas a seeker has to perform sadhana(spiritual practice) for many births to obtain such anubhuti. This signifies the importance of lord Dattatreya.

At many Holy places where Lord Dattatreya is worshiped, His Paduka are worshiped instead of His idol.

Generally, only Lord Dattatreya’s Paduka are worshiped in temples or homes. The nirgun principle emanating from the Padukas benefits the seeker. Due to this nirgun principle purification of seeker’s mind, intellect and ego happens. As a result, a devotee of Deity Datta rapidly merges with His sagun (manifest) form as well as with the nirgun (unmanifest) form.


Oudumbar tree attracts maximum Lord Dattatreya principle; hence, it is also worshipped instead of Deity Datta’s idol.

It is said that the flowers of Oudumbar tree signify the anubhuti of nirgun principle or Parameshwar (The Supreme God). It means that which cannot be seen with the eyes but it can be only experienced.

Even though one cannot see the flowers of Oudumbar tree, it is possible to derive bliss by looking at the fruits shaped like modak.

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