Madhukari Seva in Ganagapur

There is an assurance from Sri guru that he would forever abide at Ganagapur and go round the village for ‘Biksha’ at 12:00 noon is literally true even today. Offering “Madhukari” to the people at Ganagapur and taking Biksha from atleast 5 houses is having very importance at this Holy Place. Even today also, the process is continuing and the devotees are having faith that Lord Dattatreya is taking biksha everyday at Kshetra Ganagapur. Shree Guru Nrusimha Saraswathy Swamy confirmed the same and it can be seen in Gurucharitra Adhyay (chapter) 21-22. 

At 12.30 every day after main pooja there will be distribution of food from nearby houses. This is called MADHUKARI.

These are different types of leaves available in the temple premises. Per leaflet is cost Rs.5/-. The Temple authorities first distribute prasad to devotees. After which the devotees will have to take Madhukari in at least 5 houses. The devotees need not search for any hotel to have noon food, since one gets stomach full of food from Madhukari itself.

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