Ganagapur Datta

Shree kshetra Ganagapur is a holy place of Lord Datta and the place is very important “Darshaneeya kshetra”. The place is connected to Sri Narasimha Saraswathy swamy who is the second incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. The kshetra importance was explained by Shreeguru and one can be seen in “Shree Gurucharitra” . There is an assurance from Shreeguru that he would forever abide at Ganagapur and go round the village for ‘Biksha’ at noon is literally true even today. Offering “madhukari” to the people at Ganagapur and taking biksha from atleast 5 houses is having very improtance at this holy place. Even today also, the process is continuing and the devotees are having faith the Lord Dattatreya is taking biksha everyday at Ganagapur kshetra. Shri guru Sri Narasimha saraswathy swamy confirmed the same and it can be seen in Gurucharitra. At the time of Antardhan, Shreeguru said to the disciples and citizens of Ganagapur as follows.

"You need not worry. I shall stay at this Ganagapur kshetra secretly. I shall have bath at the Bheema-Amaraja sangam river in the morning. In the mid day, I shall come to Ganagapur math and accept biksha in this village and accept your puja, devotional services in this Muth. From the view point of the public, I am going away from this place. My living presence will be experienced by any one who bathes in the Sangam and takes darshan of my padukas here. I will receive pujas at this kshetra in the form of paudkas”. The Padukas of Shree Nrusimha saraswathy swamy at this place are “Nirguna padukas” ( the padukas are not having any shape).

Shreeguru has been blessing his devotees with his divine acts on countless occassions. The aspirations of Datta devotees who worship him at Ganagapur ksehtra with true love, faith and dedication will be fulfilled. The miraculous experineces of such will ever remian hidden in the devotees own hearts. This is true even today also and devotees are getting experiences of Lord Datta’s presenct at Ganagapur kshetra. Mentally retarded people, the people who are suffering from chronic deceases are coming to this place and getting cured from their sad feelings. The trouble of spirits and ghosts vanishes and one can get peace of mind with the darshan of Swamy padukas at this kshetra.

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