Hipparagi -SN

Visit Kallaeshwara temple located 25 Km from Jewargi, place associated with Narahari Brahmin.

Leper Brahmin called Narahari Cured by Shri Guru. -Chapter 40

A Brahmin Named Narahari from Hippargi was suffering from Leprosy. Shri Guru gave him a dry log of Audumbar and asked to Plant it on the Bank of Bhima in the East at Sangam.Also said him to Worship Ashwattam and Give water to the log,thrice a day.And said that when it Sprouts Green Foliage, his Sins will be Wiped off.The Brahmin did likewise.Some brahmins said him that Shri Guru has said him so to indicate that his leprosy could not be cured.But the Brahmin firmly believed in Shri Gurus words and he continued. The Brahmins also said the same to Shri Guru.
Shri Guru narrated the Story of how a Shabardut sincerely worshipped the Shiva Linga as Said by a Rajkumar.And as one day he couldnt get the Fresh Chita Bhasma,he burnt his own wife (as said by herself) and offered it to Linga.But again he found his wife at Home.Lord Shiva appeared before the couple and blessed them.


Thus is the Importance of belief in Gurus words.
Shri Guru after somedays Sprinkled the Holy Water from his bowl to the Log and it Sprouted Green foliage and the Leprosy of the brahmin disappeared.Narhari bowed to Shri Guru and began to pray Him.He composed 8 shlokas which are being chanted at Ganagapur in the night, after Aarati daily, till now. Shri Guru blessed him and named him as 'Yogeshwar'.He starts living with his Family in Ganagapur only.

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