Chapter 1 Namdharak sees Shri Guru in dream
Chapter 2 Sidha Muni Guides Namdharak
Chapter 3 Durwas curses King Ambarish
Chapter 4 Birth of Shri Dattatraya
Chapter 5 Birth of Sripad Shri Vallabha
Chapter 6 Ravan and Gokarna Mahabaleshwar
Chapter 7 Soumini and Madayanti at Gokarna
Chapter 8 Sripada Srivallabha Blesses a Brahmani and Her Son
Chapter 9 A Washerman Blessed to be a King
Chapter 10 Vallahhesh saved from Thieves
Chapter 11 Birth of Shri Narasinha Saraswati
Chapter 12 Narasinha Becomes Shri Narasinha Saraswati
Chapter 13 Brahmin's Colic Pain Subsided
Chapter 14 Muslim King favours Sayamdeo
Chapter 15 Principal Holy Places of Bharat
Chapter 16 Greatness of Shri Guru
Chapter 17 A Dull Brahmin Boy Becomes Learned
Chapter 18 A Poor Brahmin gets Wealth
Chapter 19 Greatness of Audumbar
Chapter 20 Ganganuj's Poverty wiped Off
Chapter 21 A Dead Child Becomes Alive
Chapter 22 A Old, Barren She Buffalo Gives Milk
Chapter 23 Liberation of Brahma-Rakshas, Establishment of a Math at Gangapur
Chapter 24 Trivikram bharati sees Vishwaroop of Shri Guru
Chapter 25 Impudent brahmins vanity
Chapter 26 Vedas Analysed
Chapter 27 Harijan Becomes A Learned Brahmin

Chapter 28 Advice of Karma Vipak to the Harijan
Chapter 29 The Great Power of Bhasma
Chapter 30 The Death of a young Brahmin Husband
Chapter 31 Code of Woman's Behaviour
Chapter 32 Behaviour of a Widow: Dead Husband Made Alive
Chapter 33 A Devoted Concubine
Chapter 34 Rajkumar And Mantrikumar Devotees ofShri Shiva
Chapter 35 Kach-Devayani
Chapter 35 Chandrangad - simantini 
Chapter 36 Code of Brahmin's Daily Rituals
Chapter 37 Dharma of a Brahmin
Chapter 38 Four Thousand Fed with Food of 3 Seers only
Chapter 39 60 Year Old Sterile Woman Begets Children
Chapter 40 Leper Brahmin Cured
Chapter 41 Sayamdeo Serves Shri Guru: His Kashikhand Mahayatra
Chapter 42 Significance ofAnant Vrat
Chapter 43 Tantuk's Shri Shailya Yatra on Maha Shivratri
Chapter 44 Nandi Brahmin Relieved of Leprosy: He became a poet
Chapter 45 Poet Narahari Becomes a Disciple of Shri Guru
Chapter 46 Shri Guru Visits Eight Places at one Time
Chapter 47 Parbati had Bumper Crops even in Scarcity
Chapter 48 Amarja Sangam and the Greatness of Ganagapur
Chapter 49 The Gist of Shri Gurugeeta
Chapter 50 The Muslim King Comes to Shri Guru
Chapter 51 Shri Guru's Journey unto Bliss: Disciples get Flower Gift
Chapter 52 Conclusion: Week-Reading of Watarnika(contents)