Online Pooja or Seva

(PERFORMED FROM 7 A.M. to 2-00 P.M.)
Please contact  Archak(Priest)- For more information

DHARMADARSHAN: The devotees are permitted for darshan to the deity Sri. Datta Maharaja and darshan is free of cost for every one.


The ‘Ganapati’ idol puja starts with lighting the agarbatti-dhoop placed in an aarti thali.we need red flowers, druva grass blades, modak, coconut, red chandan, incense.



Abhisheka liquid-water mixed with Gangajal and Gulab Jal (Rose water, unboiled cow's milk,sugar and fruits.



Nirguna Paduka Seva will be performed by main Priest Gangapur temple, no one is allowed to touch the paduka.Paduka attara lepan will be peformed by main priest. Devotees can take the darshana.
Annadana / Madhukari
One of the main important seva in ganagapur is annadana seva, people can make annadana with there name by performing sankalpa. Priest will do on your name, we have diffent typles of annadna starting from R.500 to Rs.10,000 based on food you choose.
Guru Charitra Parayana (Rs.1100)
Guru Charitra Parayana is reading holy book of Shri Guru Datta Maharaja. It will read as 7 days or 21 days baased on selection. This will done by main priest of ganagapur temple.Sankalpa will be done on your name and proceeded for parayana.
 Nandadeepa Seva (Rs.1501)
Nanda deepa will be put after doing sankalpa on your name, deepa will be kept in the main temple of shri Guru Dattatreya, it will be again number of days on your wish.
Sathya Datta
Sathya datta puja will be performed in temple premises and sankalpa is done on your name and prasad will be delivered to your address. Main priest will carry all the required puja items.

Datta Yaga (Rs.11000)
Datta yaga is performed with group of priest in main temple premises. All the required puja items will be brought by main priest, yaga  will be peformed by chanting a mantra and at the end dakshina will be provided to all individual priest.
Bhramana Bhojana (Rs.5501)
By sakalpa on your name bhojana will be provided to Bhramana, the number of brahmins will be basd on your request. In the end dakshina will be provided to each bhramana.
Sripad Valallbha Parayana (Rs.1101)
It is same as the guru charitra parayana, the sankalpa is done on your name and priest will be assigned to do the parayana.
PANCHOPACHAR POOJA : This pooja is carries the tradition of offering flowers to NIRGUNA PADUKA. ALANKAR POOJA : This pooja is offering flowers to NIRGUNA PADUKA and priest will give one coconut that is blessed with NIRGUNA PADUKA. 

MAHA POOJA : NIRGUNA PADUKA and perform Kshirabhisheka to the SpatikaLinga worshiped by Shri Datta Maharaj and priest will give one coconut that is blessed with on NIRGUNA PADUKA. 
KESARA LEPANA :  The Devotees performing pooja materials, perfume (attar) and Keasar which will be allowed to pour on NIRGUNA PADUKA, the priest sitting behind the Paduka, wearing clean cloth endowed with purity and will perform the pooja and will paint the attar and Keasar on Paduka. 

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